Hi there i am working on a small problem and i am unsure what i have done is correct. Below is the scenario and my attempt at solving the problem:

create a "/download" directory where:
1) any user who is a member of the "red" project can retrieve a file if they know its name but cannot use "ls" to find out the name

2) users who are member of the red project have no access to the directory

3) only Bob can add or delete files to the directory or list its contents.

This is what i did
- i made the "red" group
- i added bob into the "red" group
- i did mkdir /home/download
- i changed the directory associated with the file
chgrp red /home/download
- i then applied the "sticky bit"
chmod 2710 /home/download

i then changed the owner of the directory
chown bob.red /home/download

Is what i have done right? Could anyone provide me some help if i have done this incorrectly?