Slackware 12
Minimal install *no-gui or nonsense*

I'm configuring my fstab to mount remote shares to a mount point.

//fileserver/ABYSSWS /network/ABYSSWS smbfs username=guest,password=.   0   0
*The fileserver has no security requirement to access the shares*

I have successfully done that and everything works but now I'm testing redundancy and failsafe.

Apparently if I have my network cable unplugged and I'm booting SlackWare, it will mount all the drives then wait to mount the share at the end of the boot. It will go no further until I plug a network cable in. This is bad because I would have no other way to reach prompt/login if there is a problem of some sort.

Is there a way for it to timeout? or a better way to have a remote share to mount at boot?

What I'm trying to do is that the hard-drive that Slackware is installed to is only a 500MB drive. I'm going to be running a small private webserver off of it and the webfiles are on fileserver.

Inorder for the webserver service to run at boot and operate normally it needs access to the webfiles on fileserver. For that to happen, mount will have to mount the share at boot. If there were to be a problem say the network card going bad or a bad configuration, I would have no way of reaching prompt/login because of "mount" trying to mount the share.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you