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Thread: samba help

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    Question samba help


    I want to know which parameters needs to be modified in smb.conf to configure samba share so that it can be accessible from windows.

    I want to configure directory so that some users get read only and for some users it should read and write both.

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    It depends what kind of security you want on your shares, as there's two different types of security over SMB, share-level and user-level. The difference between user-level and share-level is that share-level is purely based on passwords. Depending on your password, the system will decide what type of access to grant you. User-level security, on the other hand, grants individual users different permissions, and is thus more flexible.

    Which one you choose really depends on your situation. If you've got a lot of shares and users, user-level security is usually easier, as keeping track of a lot of shares' passwords can quickly become cumbersome. However, if you have a relatively small LAN, setting up share-level security is simpler.

    This explains it far better than I can, and detailed usage:
    [Chapter 6] 6.3 Authentication Security

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