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    Slackware 10.0 KDE mount problem

    Okey first of all i got the Slackware 10.0 ISOs and install the system properley. Now i got some problems and questions.
    Here is the story.(I solved this problem but i wonder is there anyone like me)
    I use KDE.And when i try to eject CDs, i got errors and CDrom didnt t give me my CDS . Sometimes it said the device is busy.But i knew that there was nothing using CD.Actually i could umount cdrom but couldnt eject it.
    So i used
    fuser -km /mnt/cdrom
    to see what uses the CDrom.
    but this locked the system.Yes locked.Screen got blured and nothing worked even my keyboard.The only thing i could do reset.I hate this,especially for Linux.So this was not the main problem still i couldnt solve this.
    Then i used
    ps aux
    and see something like this (after i umount the CD).
    root 741 4.5 14.5 33584 23096 ? S 14:48 0:02 kdeinit: konqueror -mimetype
    inode/directory fi
    root 742 0.1 9.3 29128 14836 ? S 14:48 0:00 kdeinit: kio_file file
    herU1utob.slave-socket /tmp/ksocket-root/konquerorO0VVea.slave-socket
    root 743 0.9 10.6 31148 16856 ? S 14:48 0:00 kdeinit: kio_audiocd audiocd
    klauncherU1utob.slave-socket /tmp/ksocket-root/konquerorbKHOJb.slave-socket

    So i killed the processes and i could eject.But this was so difficult to do everytime.Then i thought try this with my is ide-scsi.There was no error.So i turned out my ide cdrom to ide-scsi too by adding
    append="hdc=ide-scsi hda=ide-scsi" to /etc/lilo.conf.Now there is no problem.I dont know that if this is the right solution but it works.

    Now my questions:
    vi and vim still have some bugs like as they were on 9.1. I know vim is linked to elvis.And i changed this but still there is some problems about backspace and even writing.Is there any exact solution for this?

    I have a soundcard which is Soundblastr Pro.I edited the /etc/rc.d/rc.modules file and i uncomment sb support in OSS section.Now my soundcard works properly but sometimes XMMS give some errors as "your soundcard is not properley configured" or like this. I changed output pulgins a few times (ofcourse finally OSS) then it works. So what can be the problem? I tried to configure ALSA but it didnt work.

    What should i do if i made a change for the system and starts everytihing again. I know there is no need to restart the machine.Bu what should i kill?
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    Seeing that no one post, I will try to shot a answer about the cd.
    I don't know if you know that (maybe you do, and if you do ignore this post) if you are at the /mnt/cdrom in a console for example he wont eject. You must get out of that dir. If you try to do eject on the dir /mnt/cdrom doesn't work.
    Maybe some program is using that dir and don't let you eject ...

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    Turning to my post....

    Firstly i understood the Cd problem.
    No psytree not like that as you thought. I know that stuff.Here is the problem. Ok.As i said i use Slack 10.0 and KDE and of course konqueror. When i mount the CD and see the /mnt/cdrom directory and then go back to /mnt directory i got the error. So when i looked the ps aux output i see something like that
    konqueror --silent
    when i kill that i solved the problem. So,the problem itself is konqueror.When you mount CD and go to /mnt/cdrom directory (with konqueror of course not using terminal) and go back /mnt directory you ll encounter with that problem.

    By the way, i understood my soundcard problem.Actually it was not soundcard. The problem is kalaram and artsd.I think kalarm uses artsd and i stopped starting artsd on reboot.Now i dont have any problem about that.

    But i still have problems with vi! and vim!. So i've changed my editor and started to use emacs. I think it is the best one.
    Just a Newbie....Looking 4 Info....

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    The backspace issues you are having with vi/vim are not bugs. You just have to configure them. In your .vimrc file put

    set nocompatible
    set bs=2

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