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    Question What to Adjust? - Vector(SW10.1) Image dd Transfered From hda6 to sda7

    I just changed out a dying ide hard drive with a new sata one. I made an image of my VectorLinux 5.1.1 SOHO install using:
    dd if=/dev/hda6 bs=2048 | gzip > mnt/storage/VL511SOHObackup.gz

    and backedup the MBR of hda (grub, with menu.lst on hda6) using:
    dd if=/dev/hda of=/mnt/storage/dd_hda_mbrbackup bs=512 count=1

    I uninstalled the old ide hard drive installed the new sata one and pushed on the previously created VL image from hda6 onto sda7 using:
    gzip -dc /mnt/storage/VL511SOHObackup.gz | dd of=/dev/sda7

    and pushed on the MBR, minus the partition table, of hda onto sda using:
    dd if=/mnt/storage/dd_hda_mbrbackup /dev/sda bs=446 count=1

    I used the Vector install CD to boot (I get a never ending listing of "GRUB" across the screen with hard drive boot. I'll just reinstall grub) using linux root=/dev/sda7. It boots fine after tweaking fstab and menu.lst, but is there anything else I am missing?
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    What all do I need to do to tweak now to complete the change from from hda6 to sda7? fstab, menu.lst ... anything else?

    Thanks Perhaps this would be a cakewalk using proprietary software, but what fun would that be? What's going to be really fun is fixing the WinOS installs I had on hda (see sig) that I also moved to sda...

    Thanks again,

    A5N8X, 3500+ single-core Manchester, 2x512MB Corsair XMS, MSI 7600GT
    S-12 430W, HR-05, Scythe Mime, VF900 modded with Scythe 80x25mm. Dual D12SL-12 Yate Loons
    WD1200JB, WD3200JB, HD501LJ
    Dual, independent WinXP installs via Grub hiding, VectorLinux 5.1.1SOHO.
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    MacBook Pro Santa Rosa, 2.2GHz, 250GB Scorpio, Ceramique compound, Pending Appled-Tux Logo mod
    MBRed Hard Drive with: OSX, WinXP, Vista (MSDN), Vector 5.8 SOHO, Sidux 2007-03
    Pending Fusion "bootcamp" VMs pointing to native OS installs

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    I reinstall grub, adjusted fstab and menu.lst. I have this issue with shutting down though. A click of shutdown or restart from KDE log out just gets as far as a blank screen and an X for the mouse. I have to ctrl-alt-Fn, login as root, and init 0 to shutdown, or just do it in X via aterm. But how could this be connected to the partition change?

    Thanks again


    Based on the "Free disk space", somehow /dev/sda7 is mounted on /mnt/sda6 even though it isn't ...sort of. If you open /mnt/sda6, there's just an empty text doc named Test. If I mount something to /mnt/sda6, say /dev/sdb1, then I can brows the files of /dev/sdb1 and the properties of /mnt/sda6 show the correct characteristics for /dev/sdb1...but as soon as I unmount /dev/sdb1 the properites of /mnt/sda6 changes back to displaying those of /dev/sda7.

    Weird. Any thoughts?

    One note: /mnt/sda6 was mounted when I was making the dd image as that was where I was saving the image to. Hum...maybe if I just delete /mnt/sda6 and then re-mkdir it... nope, upon remake it still has those wacky properties.
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    It reflected /dev/sda7's size...and so do all the other folders that are unmounted, naturally. The icon change was because I somehow mis-clicked and enabled sharing on the folder. Problem solved (picnic error). I'm clueless on the shutdown issue though.

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