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    change startup parameters

    Hi !

    I recently installed Slack 12 (from a live-CD, Backtrack); the installation works fine, only the configuration - well, I couldn't change anything during the install; it was basically just an image of the live-CD on the HD.
    So, at the moment, the system boots in a CLI, where i have to log on and then start X manually. Also, I can start X only if I log in as root.

    I checked all the files in /etc, but couldn't find any where I could change that.

    Which are the files, where the startup sequence is defined, where I can 1.tell Slack to boot right away into X and more important 2. make the changes so I'll be able to log in as a user ?

    (user login in CLI works fine, just X I can't start)

    Thanks for any hints ...

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    You need to change the run-level it starts at. Check this site for an explanation of how: Alt.OS.Linux.Slackware FAQ
    Go to the site without the '#25' at the end and find lots of answers about Slackware

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