Hi there,

I`ve installed BackTrack2 to my harddrive!!
Heres my Hardware..
- AlienWare Laptop m9700a
- Screen res (1920x1200)
- AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile 2.4GHz
- NVIDIA Gefore Go 7900 GS (x2)
- RealTek RTL8185 54M Wireless LAN Network Adapter


- Tried editiing the xorg.conf file to change the screen resolution (doesnt go about 1024x768 at 24bit
- Tried changing the number of bits i.e. 24bit, 32bit colour still doesnt go to 32bit colour and resolution doesnt go above 1024x768
- tried installing the latest version of the kernel (still doesnt help)
- tried downloading and installing the NVIDIA DRIVER and running the nvidia-xconf command
- since the live version of BackTrack 3 on CD works perfectly on my laptop at 1920x1200 i tried copying the X11/xorg.conf file from there into my BackTrack 2 installation however when i do this it crashes startx and i get some sort of fatal error

none of theses work!! Please can someone who knows what they are doing help!!!