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    Looking for some modules (insmod, rmmod, lsmod, modprobe, depmod and swapout)


    I'm looking everywhere to try and find the following modules:

    • insmod
    • rmmod
    • lsmod
    • modprobe
    • depmod
    • swapout

    It's driving me insane as I can't find any hints as to their location on google, and I've tried using egrep and also downloaded a search script to try and locate them but can't. I'd really appreciate it if anybody knew where they were/roughly where they were just to help me. At the moment, I'm looking in the subdirectories of /lib but there are just so many!

    I want to find them so that I can copy them. I'm using Slackware (that's why it's in this forum).

    Thanks very much!

    Matt I

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    Those are not modules, but commands. They are usually reserved strictly for the superuser, so if logged in as a normal user, these commands may not be in your path. To access them you would need to switch to root using "su -" or use the full command name e.g. /sbin/lsmod.

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    Oh, OK, thanks very much! It's just I was wanting to copy them so that when my kernel loaded, they could be dynamically loaded and removed as required. But if their not modules then..... I suppose they aren't relevant. I'd read this:

    1.2.*The Modular Kernel

    and was also basing my enquiry on this:

    Thanks again! Sorry for being a noob,

    Matt. I

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