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    RE: ATi Radeon PCI-E card and slackware

    Hey there,

    First off id just like to quickly introduce myself, ill keep it brief, im a student from NZ, i have limited experience with Linux, the only Linux distro ive used so far is Ubuntu 7.10, and i'd like to learn more about linux, I've read here and there that slack is an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of Linux through more of a practical learning experience, so i'm currently downloading slackware v.12.

    I'd just like to get some feedback about the hardware support that slackware offer's for ATi Radeon cards(particularly the HD2600 XT PCI-E series) as i found with Ubuntu that it was a bit difficult to get the most out of this card. The gui(gnome) worked fine, but i was going for the direct rendering effects that the fglrx driver provides, but like i said i had difficulty with.

    But as long as i can use a DE either being KDE or gnome with slack i'd be more than happy, as im using the bash shell more often than not anyhow, although I still like to have a GUI to give me a little feeling of false security as it were, I dont think i'd feel totally confident running an OS completely by way of CLI yet.

    So if anyone can just let me know about their experience with the slackware distro and the Hardware support of ATi, your personal opinion's are much appreciated.

    Regards, KJ

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    Welcome to the forums, KJ!

    I can't speak on the ATI video card as I've never run one under Linux, but regarding desktop environments, you'll find Slackware to be much more friendly with KDE than with Gnome. The Gnome desktop was dropped from the Slackware installation disks several years ago, so the best Gnome option for Slackware now (in my opinion), is Dropline Gnome.

    Best of luck with Linux and with Slackware.

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    Hi and welcome KJ!

    ATI drivers can be problematic or in some cases non-existent. But I have no idea how or what about the specifics of your card. You will want to run the VESA driver at first, so that you have a working graphical environment to work from on the ATI driver.

    There is no shame in working from the GUI, especially if it's KDE I mean, how else would you want to run and Firefox to impress your friends?? The CLI is only a Ctrl+Alt+[F1:F6] away

    Mind you however, Slackware is very different from Ubuntu. Slack is a very complete system, but it wont do anything but boot 'till agetty, providing you with a bash prompt upon successful login. Everything is in place, but you have to build from there. Want an FTP-server? A desktop machine? Make it so.

    Maybe this will get you started.

    Have fun!
    Can't tell an OS by it's GUI

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    Well its proved no problem so far, Installation with slackware and my Ati Gphx card was a success, a little tweaking of xorg.conf was needed, but it works fine, really enjoying this distro!

    I' had problems after a rebooted the next day, the colors with kde where a rainbow scheme, so i downloaded the official ATi driver(latest) and ran:

    sh --buildpkg Slackware/All

    which created two .tgz's i then installed with installpkg, worked like a charm

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