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Thread: New box

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    New box

    Well, someone gave me an amd mother board, so I rummaged through all my just and managed to get a machine working....
    Hacksaw and duct tape....

    I have windows 98 running on an IDE drive, and want to get Linux running on an external dec dsp5350 scsi drive.
    I had an old verstion slackware 3.4 I had laying around, and got the running, somewhat. Never could find or get an E card to function, yet.
    So I decide to download the latest version. 10.0

    I would like to be able to select which drive I want to boot off of. Floppies suck dust....
    I have not quite figured that one out yet.
    If I can default it to the scsi, then I could just trun off the external drive when I want a windows machine.
    If anyone has any ideas on how to do that, I just point me in the direction, and I will blunder through it.
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    When you isntall Slackware, you will create a bootable partiton whitch will contain a bootloader. basicaly, when you turn on the computer, you will have a simple menu that ask you what you want to boot and list all the options (windows too) configuring it is pretty simple, and the slackware install doc's are pretty solid as near as i can tell. If you have any questions configuing the bootloader, feel free to ask.
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