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Thread: Crap with fonts

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    Crap with fonts

    My X can't start because it won't find some damned "fixed" font! It says:
    "could not open default font 'fixed'".
    What do I do? I've installed almost all packages that had "font" in their names. It still won't work. At first it said it could not find "cursor" font. I then uncommented some PATH's in my xorg.conf, and then it started to ask for "fixed"!
    Can anyone help, at least give some advice. If you need some info, just ask.

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    Did you play around with your fonts?? It sounds like it can't find the default font. Assuming you didn't delete it, can you log in as another user (root perhaps?). Can you log in on a new user account?

    What is the output (as regular user) of:
    cat ~/.xsession-errors
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    I didn't do anything but "slackpkg install". Didn't delete/modify any fonts manualy in /usr/share/fonts. What I actualy did was:
    1. Installed slackware 11.0 from its CD (Didn't had 12.0 ) Installed only base system from a, ap, d, l, n, y series.
    2. Downloaded the latest stable kernel source from official slackware mirror.
    3. Compiled kernel and installed it, upgrading from 2.4 series to 2.6.
    4. Upgraded glibc, glibc-i18n so on and coreutils.
    5. Downloaded slackpkg, updated it
    6. Upgraded all my system to slackware-current.
    7. Installed some base X packages. Found out that "cursor" font was not found. Uncommented FONTPATH's in xorg.conf. Found out that "fixed" font was not found. Went angry >:O

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    By the way, thereis no .xinitrc-errors file in my home directory. Also, creating new user did not work. X wouldn't start on root, my personal user or fresh just created user. What would you suggest? Do you think it would be better to install slackware from 12.0 CD?

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