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    Backtrack Wifi Help

    hey all. i have backtrack 3 and 2 laptops with built in wifi. but when i load backtrack up it says they dont exist. what can i do to bring these wifi adapters to life?

    when i type in "ifconfig"...all it shows is the loop back adapter...

    "ifconfig eth0 up"...and it will bring up the eth0....and then it shows up..

    but i need the wifi working..and wifi0...wifi1..etc..and i get nothing..

    thanks in advanced..

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    i got wlan0 up and running...and i can see networks....PROBLEM is....

    ifconfig says the Link type is *ethernet*..and its not..its a wireless card.. so "airsnort" and such dosent work because they dont recognize it as a wlan card..

    so how do i fix that?.........

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    Hawkins6dB Directional USB WiFi

    I have a hawking usb wireless and back track works with any box I have hooked it to so far - It also works as a WiFi finder and a 6dB directional antenna

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    Quote Originally Posted by cklinkbeil View Post
    so how do i fix that?.........
    With your favourite editor, open up /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf and look it over. You will see wlan0 in there along with eth0, eth1 and so on. uncomment the necessary lines for wlan0 and configure it to your specifications. It's not too hard once you get familiar with it. Good luck.
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    well..i got the hawking usb adapter... and everything works peachy king...packet injection and all..seemed the built in wireless adapter in my laptop dosent support packet i got the card up and running and now it seems that it wont capture a wpa handshake... im using the rt73 driver.....aireplay-ng does its thing..but no handshake...any way to fix this?...thanks for all your help.

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    Cool hawkins - air crack Questions

    Have you been using the hawking to work with any of the backtrack security tools. I was wandering what kind of success you were having. I have my own network to launch attacks on and learn with and I having trouble with the wpapsk and air crack, but I think it is opperator error.

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    well...i havent had any success....but the adapter does seem to work..and go into monitor mode...but for some wont capture the wpa thats what im trying to do now.. is get a handshake...

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    maybe you can try to update your driver for the wifi card/
    But with my own experience a wpa-four-way handshake is not send out very regulary... i have a wpa network but i also never have captured the handshake...

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