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    Wired and wireless connection problems in 12.1

    I am having a problem on slack 12.1 - I have a wireless network adapter, but I don't think this is the problem. I got it connected without security first - and I can now ping the router, but not access the web. I'm a little stumped, but then, I am a bit of a noob.
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    Sorry for posting again, but I just decided to try a wired connection. Got an IP from my router, but again, no internet access. Other computers connected to the router are working fine, including a box running slack 12.0.

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    Can you post the output from:
    Can you ping your router? Can you ping other machines inside your network? Can you ping machines outside your network, Google for example?
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    "I got it connected without security first"
    You had the wireless connection working before with 12.1 so that you could connect to the internet? Then you added "security" and it stopped working? What "security" did you add to it?

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    Sorry, everyone. I've been away for a while. I got my wireless problem sorted out. I'm using wicd (yeah, yeah, copout, automagical, no control - but this is my laptop that I don't want trouble with. My old desktop is for screwing around with.)

    The security I was talking about is WEP, which is now working fine.

    Thanks for the help though!

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