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    Webcam sensor image not detected

    I am trying to resolve why I was getting a bootup message complaining that for my webcam (encore express 0xc45/0x60fc) it could not detect an image sensor.
    I am running 12.0 on a KT4V-L mobo w/ AMD 2200+ CPU.
    I checked syslog/messages/dmesg and found that a bootup on 29th had no "no image sensor detected" message in syslog but the previous and following bootups have the message. I ran to /usr and found documentation on sn9c1xx, which is what I thought might need upgrading but the documentation for 1.34 says it fully supports my camera.
    I also see in the sn9c1xx doc there is compression and format options to call via ioctl that would tell me if those were set correctly for the camera.
    I am really confused now since I only the bootup error when it feels like it. I am fairly certain I took no direct action that would have reasonably caused this. Any help here?

    Also need a little help with using ioctl calls as there is something the documentation refers to that must be done before using these commands. If someone has experience with these get commands I would appreciate getting help on the proper way to invoke these commands.

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    Check to see if you have the modules loaded for the camera that it uses. You can use the shell command "lsmod" to see what modules are loaded. If you do not have the modules loaded that are needed by the camera, then load them with the shell command "modprobe <modulename>". That would be "modprobe sn9c1xx".

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