I've used Linux for a little while now for desktop use, starting with Slackware9 and currently still using primarily my old and trusty Vector5.1.1SOHO install, but now I'm venturing into the more serious world of servers.

I'm setting up SW12.1 for NAS duty, but with the future goal of additional internet server use. I tried FreeNAS, but it doesn't seem to like my AHCI/SATA-only setup, and after a trying but educative session with OpenBSD I decided to just go with the more familiar Slackware.

My Hard Drive Setup:
1 x Laptop HD for OSes (planning on moving to CompactFlash at some point)
3 x WesternDigital GPs for data

I currently have a full SW12.1 installed and have the 3 WD's setup as a JFS formatted /dev/md0 via mdahd which I learned about in the official documentation here. I'm about to hit the web tomorrow for a way to authenticate both WinXP and Linux users for r/w access to /dev/md0 over the network, but I'd figure I'd see if anyone here has any any advice for a setup like this. Any sage counsel? I have zero Linux file sharing experience.



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