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    Cant log in as root

    I have just installed slackware 10.0 and i cant log in as root (or anything else for that matter).
    It usually goes like:

    Computer Login: root  
    Password: (the password i set during installation)   
    last time logged in...  
    You've got mail.   
    [quirky saying]    
    Computer Login: ROOT!!!!  
    Password: (again, the password) 
    last time logged in...  
    You've got mail.   
    [quirky saying]    
    Computer Login: WHY WONT YOU LET ME LOGIN AS ROOT!?!?!?!?  
    Password: ArghgH!
    Incorrect Login.

    When i boot off the cd i can log in as root, but thats good for fdisk and nothing else :0P
    I think i might be getting booted from the system, because i do get the 'mail' so i must be getting logged out or something....
    Any ideas why this might be happening, or even better, how to fix it?


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    login with a liveCD... mount the partition with /etc on it... edit /mnt/blah/etc/passwd and make sure that the last part of the entry is /bin/bash or /bin/sh that is the shell for the user... the entry will start with the word 'root' (w/o quotes)...

    sorry for the lack of punctuation, but a couple of my thoughts ended with a pathname, and i didn't want to confuse you by adding punctuation..
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    Thanks alot for that lordnothing.
    Il try it out when i get home.

    How do i 'mount' a partition on a liveCD?

    Thanks again for the help.

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    In file:


    Is that any help?

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    I just reinstalled without setting a root password and its still doing the same thing!

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