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    Quote Originally Posted by RobinVossen View Post
    The Reason why I want a EEE is since I want a Small Laptop ( Max 10" ) And since I can't find any laptops in that way I have been looking for a Phone / PDA that could do that. And then I saw the EEE. And It looked just what I wanted for a thing. Since I Fly a lot, and I don't like to take a Bag in the Plane. I want something that I can just put in my Jacked. Answer EEE.
    For all of these, the EEE PCE is perfect! We love ours. I hope you like yours as much! Best wishes!
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    I believe it took my 450Mhz (running FreeBSD) about ten hours to compile Xfce4. What is that? 25MB or something?? Nothing extravagant anyway.

    Still, I see the benefit of having such a small machine. And the upside of the EEE is that is has a rather wide screen. So if you patch GNU screen to allow vertical splits, then you have ample of room for commands that have long output (top comes to mind).
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    It's all about GSlapt. It's a wannabe apt-get thing.

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