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    Unhappy Totally sprious problem, suspecting samba as the culprit

    Hello all,
    I hope someone can help me as I am running flat out of ideas here.
    I have a box running slackware 12.0, acting purely as a file server with samba. The hardware is all new, and it was running happily as larry for about 6 weeks. Recently at random times, the box just falls over. The syslog is just full of page faults on everything: httpd, syslogd, smbd, nmbd, everything.
    So I took all the files off the server, and put them onto local machines, so the box was redundant, it was just sitting there, the only user on it was me logged in as root via SSH watching Top.
    At 7.09 (GMT) it fell over again. No one was connected to it but me, as it crashed NMBD was being really silly:
    1641 root 20 0 6040 1544 972 R 100 0.0 30:59.84 nmbd
    with a load average of 9.00, 8.75. 7.07
    Now as I understand it NMBD is part of samba, and this is where I get really flaky on my knowledge, I am no sysadmin by any means of the standard, but with samba I am at a loss.
    I am trying to get the box back up again, but so far it will only respond to pings. If I can get it back up I can get at the logs again, otherwise I only have the logs from the previous crash. I can post these up if it is helpful.

    After it crashed for the third time (before this mornings silly load average), I downloaded the latest kernel from, and compiled a new kernel and put that in, the box was then happy for about 36 hours, then this turn of events started. I have run a memtest live disc to check the memory and that passes. I also left the box compiling kernels for about 4 hours to "stress test" it. It didnt falter once.

    So I am now at a loss, and hope one of you has a bright idea to stop me seeing if the box is waterproof and buoyant!!

    Many thanks in advance....


    EDIT: Just got back on SSH, getting the logs now. Will post snippets up.....

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    OK, this is the start of the syslog. It started with this entry, but went on to page fault httpd, syslogd, and plenty more:
    PHP Code:
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]: [2008/08/31 06:23:560lib/fault.c:fault_report(41
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]:   =============================================================== 
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]: [2008/08/31 06:23:560lib/fault.c:fault_report(42
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]:   INTERNAL ERRORSignal 11 in pid 4036 (3.0.28a
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]:   Please read the Trouble-Shooting section of the Samba3-HOWTO 
    Aug 31 06
    :23:56 server smbd[4036]: [2008/08/31 06:23:560lib/fault.c:fault_report(44
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]:    
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]:   From 
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]: [2008/08/31 06:23:560lib/fault.c:fault_report(45
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]:   =============================================================== 
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]: [2008/08/31 06:23:560lib/util.c:smb_panic(1633
    Aug 31 06:23:56 server smbd[4036]:   PANIC (pid 4036): internal error 
    Aug 31 06
    :29:49 server smbd[1703]: [2008/08/31 06:29:490lib/fault.c:fault_report(41
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]:   =============================================================== 
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]: [2008/08/31 06:29:490lib/fault.c:fault_report(42
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]:   INTERNAL ERRORSignal 11 in pid 1703 (3.0.28a
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]:   Please read the Trouble-Shooting section of the Samba3-HOWTO 
    Aug 31 06
    :29:49 server smbd[1703]: [2008/08/31 06:29:490lib/fault.c:fault_report(44
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]:    
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]:   From 
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]: [2008/08/31 06:29:490lib/fault.c:fault_report(45
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]:   =============================================================== 
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]: [2008/08/31 06:29:490lib/util.c:smb_panic(1633
    Aug 31 06:29:49 server smbd[1703]:   PANIC (pid 1703): internal error 
    Aug 31 06
    :37:44 server kernelswap_freeBad swap offset entry 00080000
    Aug 31 06
    :37:44 server kernelswap_freeBad swap offset entry 00400000
    Aug 31 06
    :37:44 server kernelEeekpage_mapcount(pagewent negative! (-1)
    Aug 31 06:37:44 server kernel:   page pfn bf146
    Aug 31 06
    :37:44 server kernel:   page->flags 8001003c
    Aug 31 06
    :37:44 server kernel:   page->count 1
    Aug 31 06
    :37:44 server kernel:   page->mapping f793f2b4
    Aug 31 06
    :37:44 server kernel:   vma->vm_ops 0x0 

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