Just wanted to say, I found this:

"You may experience connectivity problems if you change the MAC address assigned to an IP address. This can happen if you swap a bad NIC card in a server, or replace a bad server but have the new one retain the IP address of the old.

Routers typically save learned MAC to IP address map entries in a cache and won't refresh them unless a predefined period of time has elapsed. Changing the NIC, while retaining the IP address can cause problems as the router will continue to send frames onto the network with the correct target IP address but the old target MAC address. The server with the new NIC won't respond as the frame's target MAC doesn't match it's own.

This problem can be fixed in one of two ways. You can delete all the ARP entries in the router's cache. The second solution is to log into the server's console and ping it's gateway. The router will detect the MAC to IP address change and it will readjust its ARP table."

That's from linuxhomenetworking.com, and it could be part of the problem. I got to thinking, even though I'm not switching a NIC in THIS machine, when I go to the other one I essentially am hooking to a "new" NIC in the mouters world. Possible that there is a conflict there, and that's either the reason or part of the reason I can't get this to work? Hmm, we'll see..