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    Slackware A setup only, not working, any ideas?

    Hello, new to slackware, and sorta new to linux, here is my problem.

    I am trying to setup slackware 10 on a clean system with a blank hardrive. I downloaded the a folder and burned all the files to a CD.

    I then downloaded the boot folders and install1 and install2. Booted the system setup root and swap partitions, go into setup from the boot disks and get into the setup menu system, when I get to the select package screen the only option I see is A (the basic only setiup) which is what I want, I get the your system is setup, you may now reboot.

    However when I reboot, I get to grub and nothing past that. I tried in grub to set

    kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda0 (should be root partition)

    error message (forget exact message) something about unable to load kernel or unable to mount device.

    Any ideas? Can I even install only the A package.

    Oh and, the pc is..

    P3 1Ghz
    512MB Ram
    6gb wester digital hdd

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    Check out this website the best beginner howto I have seen.

    Good Luck,

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    First, you don't have GRUB. You have LILO.
    Second, /dev/hda0 doesn't exist. /dev/hda is the is the primary master. Your hard drive. Partition numbers start at 1, not 0. Use the cd to boot to your unstalled system and repair your lilo.conf.
    OH NOOOOO!!!!!! You did it the way I said?

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    Slack install tutorial


    There's a tutorial on Minislack install with screenshots, that you can use even for Slackware :

    (Minislack is an optimized version of Slackware, with same installer)

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