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    Cairo-dock with Glitz enabled


    I'm running Slackware 12 (it may be 12.1, but I'm not sure how to check), kernel 2.6.26, 1GB DDR, dual core 1.33ghz intel.

    I have glitz enabled in cairo, I compiled cairo-dock1.6.2.3 with glitz enabled, but when I run 'cairo-dock -g' It doesn't use glitz. From what I hear, cairo runs much better with glitz, right now it's choppy and sluggish as heck.

    Here's a sample of ./configure before I run 'make' and 'make install'
    root@darkstar:/home/wahcordian/installs/cairo-dock- ./configure --enable-glitz | grep GLITZ
    checking for GLITZ... yes
    config.status: WARNING: seems to ignore the --datarootdir setting
    Here's what it says when I run cairo-dock.
    wahcordian@darkstar:~$ cairo-dock -g
    warning :  (cairo-dock.c:main:432)
      Attention : Cairo-Dock was not compiled with glitz
    stack : reperoire local : /home/wahcordian/.cairo-dock/stack
    anything else I can do or check to get this to work correctly?
    Is that config.status warning a clue I should look at?


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    see on the forum, there is a thread discussing about it.
    you'll need to install the latest glitz 0.5.7 version, and compile libcairo with --glitz-enabled
    Then, launch it with cairo-dock -g, and it will use OpenGL, reducing your CPU down to a few %

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    I downloaded glitz 0.5.7 and it installed correctly, recompiled cairo (1.4.14), and then recompiled cairo-dock... same thing happened. So I upgraded to cairo-1.8.0. Was getting errors on configure script that I didn't have pixman-1 >= 0.12.

    I have since downloaded and installed pixman-1 0.96.0, but cairo-1.8.0 config script can't seem to find it.
    checking whether cairo's image surface backend feature could be enabled... no (requires pixman-1 >= 0.12.0
    configure: error: mandatory image surface backend feature could not be enabled
    however package config seems to have little trouble finding it:
    root@darkstar:/home/wahcordian/installs/cairo-1.8.0# pkg-config --modversion pixman-1
    Is there something else I should be looking at?

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    hahaha something is not right here, I just realized after my post that 9.6 is less than 12... I thought I had version .96 :P

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    Alright, I have successfully installed cairo v 1.80 w/ glitz enabled using pixman-1 0.12.0. recompiled / installed cairo-dock, but it still insists what it was not compiled w/ glitz enabled.

    This isn't making any sense.

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    did you use the --enable-glitz option for both libcairo and cairo-dock ?
    also, did you check it really found and used glitz (check the configure output)

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    Is this useful?
    Configuring cairo-1.8.0
    root@darkstar:/home/wahcordian/installs/cairo-1.8.0# ./configure --enable-glitz > out
    root@darkstar:/home/wahcordian/installs/cairo-1.8.0# cat out | grep glitz
    checking for cairo's glitz surface backend feature...
    checking for glitz... yes
    checking whether cairo's glitz surface backend feature could be enabled... yes
    config.status: creating src/cairo-glitz.pc
    config.status: creating cairo-glitz-uninstalled.pc
      glitz:         yes
    --- The glitz surface backend feature is still under active development and
    --- and incompatible changes may yet be made to glitz surface backend
    root@darkstar:/home/wahcordian/installs/cairo-1.8.0# cat out | grep GLITZ
    checking for GLITZ_AGL... no
    checking for GLITZ_EGL... no
    checking for GLITZ_GLX... yes
    checking for GLITZ_WGL... no
    configuring cairo-dock
    root@darkstar:/home/wahcordian/installs/cairo-dock- ./configure --enable-glitz > out
    config.status: WARNING: seems to ignore the --datarootdir setting
    root@darkstar:/home/wahcordian/installs/cairo-dock- cat out > glitz
    root@darkstar:/home/wahcordian/installs/cairo-dock- cat out > GLITZ
    Last edited by wahcordian; 10-24-2008 at 04:18 PM. Reason: added cairo-dock config section

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    Talking I got It!

    okay, it seems to work now. Because I'm installing cairo, glitz, pixman-1, and cairo-dock from source, not slackbuilds, I needed to run removepkg as root on cairo. then rebuild, and copy and into the proper directories according to the build errors in cairo-dock: /usr/lib/.lib/

    I have a cairo-dock startup script in my ~/user/Autostart/ directory which seems to work fine, whats strange, however, is that when I try to start an instance of cairo-dock in a console, I get no errors, but all the icons leave a 'trail', they aren't being drawn over between frames of animation. Also, the cairo-l theme runs super slow like it did before, but the rest are noticeably faster.

    Thanks again for nutdging me in the right direction!

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    I looked at my ~/.kde/Autostart/ script and it didn't have the glitz argument. I fixed this and now, what I'm calling the 'redraw' error, is persisting on startup as well. Attached is a screen shot of what I'm talking about.

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    there is a patch to apply to libcairo, did you do it too ?

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