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    unknown PCI device

    can anyone help me. i've tried to install slackware 96' into my system but when i try to boot with the linux bootdisk, but i received mesegge something like this when the system is probing pci device:"WARNING:unknown PCI device detected(Some no. i dont remember) Please read /include/pci.h". My system is hang here. i used a system with intel pentium II processor which i dont know what the board it is. Firstly, i want to ask where could i get the pci.h file? then, i want to know is that slackware 96' version didn't know my system? i hope anyone can help me or give me any others way to complete my installation.

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    I wouldn't pursue this avenue if I where you. The PII processor was introduced *checks* halfway 1997. So you're using an Operating System that is older than your hardware. I'd try something more modern.

    Although, I must say, a PII can be put to good use and perform pretty decently if you know what to expect of it. You can forget about KDE, but you can build an X terminal out of it if you want. Your performance will be bothered more by RAM than by CPU in any case. You probably *guesses* have around 32~64 MB RAM? More is better. Much more is much better. It's not mandatory, but it'll make the machine more responsive.

    Anyway, try a later version. In fact, maybe not recommended for new users but anyway, you can take Slack 12.1 and just burn the packages you want. I dunno, a machine of that age may not be able to handle a FULL install of Slack, but a minor install of only the packages you need is doable. I can look up a howto if you want.
    Or you can try an older version. This is fastest and easiest. I don't have statistics but 10.2 seems to be a popular Slackware version even today.
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