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    Slackware 12 installation

    Hey fellow Linux users. Ive used linux off and on for the past few month and have settled on Slax. I downloaded the complete Slackware 12 installation DVD and sealed it a DVD/RW. Booted from the disc then got to the partition phase. I did the whole "cfdisk" thing and every time it pulls up as "Read Only" and only recognizing the 3.8gb boot disc.

    So I searched vigorously over the net with key words such as "Slackware 12 partition", "Slackware installation "READ ONLY"", and "Dual Boot Slackware and Vista". Now I assume you see the problem VISTA. The most unuserfriendly software on plant Earth. Found a few answer here prompting me to use partitioning software. Partition Magic LiveCD shunk my HD but came up with some sort of error so I had to undo the partition. I tried EasyBCD, didnt work. Then I read something about LILO and GRUB. But I have no idea what program the need to run, and since Windows doesnt recognize either Im guess they are for a linux OS. So here I am asking you all for help and for any points in the right direction. Im not quite at a dead end but a fork in the road.

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    it may sound silly, but have you tried to 'delete' the partition and recreate a new one?
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    What does the rest of your partition table look like?

    fdisk -l

    It's strange because your sda device has roughly a 1GB partition.
    With only 130MB for your swap, and right over 1000MB formatted with reiserfs.
    You didn't do that?

    Switch devices by doing "cfdisk /dev/hda" where hda could be hdb-hdc-etc.

    Slackware is one of the harder and less forgiving distros.
    Are you sure it's what you want to start with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignousia View Post
    Partition Magic LiveCD shunk my HD but came up with some sort of error so I had to undo the partition.
    Welcome to the forums!

    I'd recommend trying PartedMagic LiveCD over Partition Magic. It runs from liveCD, is a clone of Partition Magic, and is very easy to use for your partitioning chores.

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