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Thread: Slackware Lilo

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    Slackware Lilo

    Hello every body;
    i am new user in Linux world. i install slackware on existing Backtrack Linux. but i think Lilo is now laptop is not booting and there is message 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 10 to 12 line....please help me.....

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    Welcome to the forums!

    What you have is lilo error 99 : invalid second stage index sector.

    Without going into too much detail about boot stages, can you boot using a LiveCD of some sorts? Maybe Slackware's install disk can do the trick also. What you need to do is get access to the / partition on your hard disk and see if you can get at /$mountpoint/etc/lilo.conf

    I mention $mountpoint because if you're running from the Live/installCD the / (root) you are working from is not the root partition at your hard disk. You need to mount the hard disk.

    When you've done that, run these two commands and post the output here. Doing this from a LiveCD should theoretically be easiest as you can just copy&paste.

    ls -lh /$mountpoint/boot
    cat /$mountpoint/etc/lilo.conf
    A possible cause for this could be that you didn't write lilo to the MBR during install and somewhere somehow something went wrong. Another possibility I think might be changing the lilo.conf configuration without confirming this by running `lilo`.
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