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    [SOLVED] konqueror/thundar/dolphion cannot move file


    I am running Slackware 12.2 here.
    I am ripping cd's with k3b.
    They rip to my /home/ directory.
    I am trying to move them to my USB drive.
    99% of the files will move.
    Occasionally, 1 of the ripped files from the cd will not be able to moved
    Konqueror says "Could not write xxxxxxx"
    Thundar says "Failed to open "/media/Elements/music new rip/311/Grassroots/04 - 8:16 AM.mp3" for writing (Invalid argument)."
    Dolphin says: Could not write xxxxxx"

    This file (and some others) cannot be moved. Interestingly, if i re-rip the song, it still cannot be moved.

    I noticed the file owner ship of the ones that cannot be moved differ from the ones that can
    cannot be moved: user kilbert group : users.

    can be moved shows permissions: user kilbert group root

    so i chgrp the file to root, but the files still cannot be moved.

    any help is appreciated.

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    Linux Guru smolloy's Avatar
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    It could be the name of the file that is causing the error. Try changing the name to something without a semicolon to see if that helps.

    Also, try from the command line to see if the error message is any more instructive.
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    Tried renaming the file, it did not help. Thanks for trying.

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    USB-drives are often FAT16 or FAT32 formatted. And that can give problems sometimes when it comes to file names and sizes. I notice spaces in the file name for example.

    Try renaming the file to 'testfile' or something equally unprovocative and try again to copy it.
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    I stand corrected, seems to be an issue with naming of the file, as I am a complete noob (<30 days on linux) I have a lot to learn.
    The files can now be moved.
    Thanks smolloy and freston.

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