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    Help me! Kernel changed my HD

    Iīve update my slackware 12.1 to 12.2 yesterday running slackpkg.
    But now the Kernel changed my HD. Yesterday my HD was HDC, but now I donīt know who is it or where is it. When I start my computer i see the message bellow:

    "Failed to open the device /dev/hdc1

    An error ocurred during the root filesystem cjeck
    you will now be given a chance to log into the
    system in single-user mode to fix the problem"

    What can I do? Could someone help me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by odairpereira_10
    What can I do? Could someone help me?
    Well *ahum* maybe? We'll try

    What if you log in to the single user mode? 't Might work?

    Alternatively you can boot into a liveCD or the Slackware install disk (the latter preferably, it doesn't really matter what version) and try to decide manually which partition is which by mounting them and looking at the contents.

    Then find the partition with lilo.conf on it, chroot to that partition, edit lilo.conf according to your findings and run `lilo` to have the changes take effect.

    You may wish to edit fstab too, as the changes will reflect on that as well.

    Don't ask me how this all happened, but I've seen it before on different distro's that the kernel names things differently. I'm positive there is a good reason for it, but it sure as Bob isn't something you want to happen during an upgrade.

    Oh, and if you want clarification on any or all of the above steps, just ask.
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    Ok. Iīll try do this. If it doesnīt work Iīll be back here. I was looking for something in another forums and I saw that a lot of people have this problem too. So, see you soon.

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