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    ipchains on Slack 7

    We have a firewall running on Slack 7. This was set up by a an admin over 7 years ago and until now, no change has been needed. But, now, we need to provide Remote Desktop Access to a computer on the internal network. The IP is and is in a range that the firewall protects.

    I have tried several solutions on the internet and they do not work. The firewall is using ipchains.

    Here is the output of "cat ipchains.rules "

    :input ACCEPT
    :forward DENY
    :output ACCEPT
    -A input -s -d ! 137:139 -i eth1 -p 17 -j DENY
    -A input -s -d 137:139 -i eth0 -p 17 -j DENY
    -A input -s -d 514:514 -p 17 -j ACCEPT
    -A input -s -d 514:514 -i eth0 -p 17 -j ACCEPT
    -A input -s -d 514:514 -p 17 -j DENY
    -A input -s -d 515:515 -i eth0 -p 6 -j REJECT
    -A input -s -d ! -i eth1 -j DENY -l
    -A input -s -d ! -j DENY -l
    -A input -s -d ! -j DENY -l
    -A input -s -d 3306:3306 -i eth0 -p 6 -j DENY
    -A forward -s -d -j MASQ -m 10001
    -A output -s -d 137:139 -i eth0 -p 6 -j DENY

    Can anybody help? The port for RDP is 3389 by the way. Slack 7 is on kernel 2.2.19

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Aw, with the old admin dead and buried, nobody has seen chance to update the firewall for seven years?

    If I where you I would have someone look at it in greater detail than I can ATM, because the virtual landscape has changed over the years and attackers have become more clever (or their tools more advanced in any case).

    But as to your question, I don't see why a simple
    -A forward -i {wan_interface} -s {source_address} -p {protocol} --destination-port {portnumber} -d {destination_address} -j accept
    Wouldn't do the trick?
    Maybe you can log your rule so you know what happens behind the scenes?

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