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Thread: Tv tuner..

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    Hey thanks again waterhead, im actually using this box Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T-USB2 - LinuxTVWiki, Im fairly new to linux when it comes to installing driver/firmware.. So have no idea how to compile my own binaries and such to install drivers/firmware.. I have looked at the drivers and firmware needed and done a google search but to no avail, where are the files availible for download or do I have to use the Package manager to install..? Sorry but I have no Idea

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    When installing from source, you have to compile the drivers and programs. Most source files have a text file named INSTALL or README that contains the installation instructions. If you insist on using Slackware, you may as well get used to doing this.

    If you just want a distro where your TV card works, then I recommend using Mythbuntu.

    As for the firmware, there is a link, at the bottom of the page you linked to, to the MythTV wiki.

    Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T USB2 - MythTV

    It says that newer versions use a different firmware. To find out which it is looking for, use this command.
    dmesg | grep firmware
    You may need to search around a bit to find the correct firmware.
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    Is there a mainstream distro where I would find it easier to install the correct firmware/drivers? I have used mythbuntu before and disliked it, felt like a cheap version of MCE. I have experiance with openSUSE, ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Sabayon and recently Slackware.. Isit just as simple as downloaded drivers/firmware opening with archive manager and placing in a folder?

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    The drivers are separate from the firmware. The drivers are developed by open source Linux developers. The firmware is usually proprietary and closed source. I doubt that you will ever find them packaged together.

    The newer the kernel that you use, the best chance that you'll have of the drivers already being in the kernel. For firmware, some firmware is included, so I may be wrong in my last statement. I just checked my Mythbuntu box (8.04?) and i found this firmware already installed:


    So, it may already contain your needed firmware. (What was the output of that dmesg command?) Mythbuntu 8.10 is newer and may have more firmware. The firmware needed seems to be dependent on the kernel version you are using.

    As for Mythbuntu. The first thing that I do is install a real desktop/window manager. I detest the default Xfce desktop. It reminds me of Windows 3.1! KDE or Gnome are much better. You can also install the Mythbuntu package to a regular Ubuntu installation. Just don't install the Mythbuntu-desktop package. Make sure that you do install the Mythbuntu Control Centre. Most applications can easily be installed in Ubuntu using apt, or the Synaptic Package Manager GUI.

    If you are saying that the MythTV application is like a cheap version of WMCE, then I couldn't disagree more. The MythTV application is much much better than WMCE, and I have used both.

    If you don't want to use MythTV, you can view TV in other applications. Mplayer can be used for watching live broadcasts from a DVB card, so can Kaffeine.
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    I found a compressed file with firmware in a Ubuntu Forums thread. I ws going to attach it to this post, but it seems that a .tar.gz file is an invalid file type! I'll just post a link.

    I'll see what I can do to get tar balls accepted as a valid file type.
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    Okay I understand the concept behind firmware/drivers now, as you said Im always using the latest distro version so shouldnt have a problem with firmware.. I intend to use it with mplayer, just not entirely sure what distro to use, the reason I said mythbuntu was like a cheap WMCE was based on a few youtube videos I have seen it in, having only used it a handful of times.. But not really looking for a MCE more of just a Home desktop multimedia PC to handle music, web surfing and watching TV. As I said Ive only recently been using slackware and have generally found it a useful stable distro apart from the fact you have to install apps from source.. Im really in need of some guidance to what distro to use to suite my needs.. then I can install the drivers for the TV box.. Once again many thanks waterhead!

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    There is no best Linux distro, everybody has their own favorite. You can make almost any Linux distro do what ever the others can do. It is up to you.

    MythTV is a bit too much if you only want to watch TV. But you can't beat it for ease of use (after a sometimes painful setup). And if you want to record a show, there is the VDR app, but MythTV can easily do this. In fact MythTV actually records all "Live" TV. This way if you decide that you want to save a show that you are watching, you just tell it to record it, and it will save it from the beginning.

    Mplayer is excellent, but you must run it from the terminal, with all kinds of options. You must also create a channels.conf file first. This contains the settings of all the available channels. This is done using the tscan app, found in the dvb-utils (aka dvb-apps) package.

    Kaffeine has native support for DVBT broadcasts, and I think that it will also scan for channels. I live in the USA, and had to manually add a converted channels.conf file before it would work. You should not have any problems.

    I would try Kaffeine first, and see if it works OK. It uses the Xine engine, so that may need to be install seperate, I'm not sure. There is a Slackbuild for kaffeine for version 12.1. - kaffeine
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    Different Card but I think same problem.

    Thanks for the LSPCI -nn tip. At least I can do some things right. I'm new and kind of frustrated. I guess I'm just lazy. any tips on:

    00:0a.0 Multimedia controller [0480]: ATI Technologies Inc Theater 550 PRO PCI [ATI TV Wonder 550] [1002:4d52]

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    It is against forum rules to tack your request for help on another person's thread.

    Looking at this HERE, it isn't supported. I don't know how current that info is, so you may need to poke around for more info.

    Start a new thread for any further discussion on this.
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