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Thread: Tv tuner..

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    Tv tuner..

    Im using the latest release of slackware and was wondering if theres a USB tv tuner thats is actively supported and known to be working.. Hopefully with Fm tuner, remote, 1080i support, multi channel watching and timeshift etc... Ive seen the hauppage tv tuner cards but the 950 is slightly out of my price range. Also wondering whats the best software to use with the USB tuner ive seen various topics about MythTV but looks like a linux version of MCE where I just want a few windows with channels on...

    Many Thanks,

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    I don't know what kind of support for Tv capture cards Slackware has. It is always better to install the latest drivers, anyway. They can be found in the Mercurial repository. - CVS and Mercurial access

    They also have a wiki with supported cards lists. Be aware that this may not be the most up-to-date list.

    You can use mplayer for watching HDTV . It is usually done through terminal commands. There is also Kaffeine, with native support for the DVB broadcasts. To use it for the USA's ATSC broadcasts requires some tweaking. Analog TV can viewed using TVTime, or a similar app.
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    Hey, thanks waterhead, Would it be possible to open several mplayers at once to watch various channels.. Ive got a Tv tuner card, it is not supported by linux but what driver would I need to run it with wine? When ive tried running it before a message comes up displaying that there is some problem with directX 9.. /Will have a look at the link thanks!

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    You can only watch one channel per tuner. Just like a TV. You can put several cards in PC, but I don't know about opening several instances of an application, like mplayer. I guess that you would have to try it.

    As for Linux support for your capture card. Are you positive that there are no drivers for it? Tell me what make & model it is, and I'll give my opinion. Also, post the output of this command, it will list the PCI cards on your system.
    lspci -nn
    Unless it is a USB card, then use this command:
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    Well ive actually sold the card now, but it was a very good card, especially the software that came with it allowed you to watch 5 instances at once.. It was an Compro VideoMate T100.. Ive filled all my PCI slots now so my new tuner will have to be a USB tuner.. Would love to get a compro USB tuner but there not supported in linux , Am looking at the hauppauge nova T usb 2, what USB tuner would you recommend? How easy isit to set up mplayer to use the USB stick?

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    Although the Compro T100 wasn't officially supported, the T200 and T300 are. It may have just been loading the correct tuner/capture chip driver combination to get it to work.

    I have little experience in USB TV cards, and none with DVB-T. You can use the wiki as a guideline.
    DVB-T USB Devices - LinuxTVWiki

    There also is a list that is included with the drivers.
    v4l-dvb: linux/Documentation/dvb/README.dvb-usb@71e5a36634ea

    Also read this file for more on supported cards.
    v4l-dvb: linux/Documentation/dvb/cards.txt@71e5a36634ea
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    Thank you waterhead, theres just some things google cant find.. helped me lots, will probably end up buying a hauppauge USB stick.. Unless there are drivers for the compro USB series..? Cannot find relavant firmware/drivers need..

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    Sorry for the bad link to the USB DVB-T device list. I fixed it now.

    In Linux, sometimes you don't know if a device will work until you try it. Unless you want to spend a lot of time on it, I would stick to devices known to work.
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    Hey again, So ive bought a Hauppauge Nova T USB 2 tv tuner for my PC... Saw this on the DVBT list that its compatible with linux.. Im trying to get it working with mplayer but have no idea on how to install the firmware/drivers that are need

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    Even though most drivers are included in the kernel, it is always good practice to install the latest versions of the v4l-dvb drivers. The best way to do this is to use the Mercurial repository: - CVS and Mercurial access

    As for the firmware, the 4vl-dvb wiki entry for this card says exactly what you need.

    Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T-Stick - LinuxTVWiki

    There even is a link to the firmware. You would copy it to the /lib/firmware/ folder (as root). Reboot so that everything loads properly. You should also install the dvb-utils package. It contains channel scanning applications that are necessary for proper setup. I don't know if there is a package for Slackware. You can also get it from the Mercurial repository at
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