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    Slackintosh (or any linux) on Emac

    So i'm working on installing slackintosh onto a bunch of eMacs. Most of them a USB 2.0 model, this means that sadly, it has the Radeon 9200. Has anyone ever installed Slackintosh on this or any linux on such machine? If you have, how do you get the the graphics to work. Currently, i'm suck in the "text" or "terminal" mode, when i run startx it says something about the graphics not work.

    More info on our eMacs can be found here.

    So any help would be appreciated, mainly we need to get the video working right now. Our goal is for the machine to mostly be used for office computing; just basic operations: Internet, Music, Documents (hopefully with openOffice), and basic picture editing(GIMP).
    Slackintosh says it has all of these things which is why i choose this Distro, just it's an eMac G4 not an iMac G4 so the video drivers aren't working like i said.

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    You might want to look..
    here seems like this guy had a similar problem and came up with a fix

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