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    BTW, to get flash going on a system that doesn't offer it in a package manager of some sort, download the "noarch" version.
    It's a tarball, the extension is .tgz.
    Unpack it to your home directory or desktop, open a terminal in that directory and type "su"(with no quotes) and type in the root password when prompted.
    Then list the files in that directory "ls" to make sure of the name of the flash tarball.
    I think it's something like "", then type ./(and the name of that file).

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    Try a "live distro" first..

    You can more easily tell if a distro is right for your hardware by just booting a live distro. Many (including Vector) have a live CD or DVD available and many will allow you to install from the live cd/dvd as well if all is well.

    Many good ones were mentioned and I'd like to include myself as one who recommends Puppy. I have it on a flash drive and it works great on many different configurations.


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