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    Question /dev/.udev/db errors during boot

    Well, I'm using 12.2 and a Hauppauge TV card - I just downloaded and configured MythTV to work, but it took the better part of a day for me to do - thankfully, there was a lot of documentation on the net to help out.

    However - during the process, I somehow started receiving hundreds of "unable to create db file /dev/.udev/db/\x2fdevices\x2fvirtual\x2fptty\"..... "No such file or directory" during bootup. They go by much too quickly to see, and I can't find where this information is stored in a log (I'm sure it is there, but I just don't know where to look - I've looked in /var/tmp and /var/logs).

    At any rate, the computer seems to run totally normal, it just takes much longer to boot with all those errors/messages going through at bootup.

    Here's a synopsis of the changes I made today:
    1. Added the Hauppauge 350 card.
    2. Installed MythTV and all of it's dependancies (including an updated udev version - I uninstalled the old version first via package manager in KDE - I removed udev 135 and installed udev 140)
    3. I unmounted the /home mount and remmed the /home line from fstab, changed the file format of the (former) home partition from ReiserFS to jfs, then eventually changed it back to ReiserFS, and un-remmed from fstab.
    4. Added a serial ATA PCI card to which I installed a new Hard drive and formatted to jfs
    5. Added the new hard drive into fstab

    Do any of the above items show a likely cause to my errors? Actually - I'm not sure they actually say ERROR - they might just say "udev-event" 1844, or something similar prior to the "error" line I quoted earlier.

    Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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    @home...soon in your homes ;) /usr/src/bulgaria
    dmesg | grep /dev/.udev
    would help?

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