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    I;m also a newcomer in Linux.. and I'm planning on installing Slackware 10 along with my curent WinXP Sp2. I currently have 2 HDD,; 1 with drive C and D and with WinXP XP3 installed in Drive C, and 1 with drive E and F, with WinXP Sp2 installed in drive E. I notice that the boot files (boot.ini, ntldr, etc) are missing in the SP2 installation's root, but exist in the SP3's. I wanted to get rid of the SP3 and installed Slackware in it;s place. Would that render my WinXP Sp2 unbootable? If so how to work around that problem?
    I also heard that a slight error in formatting drive for linux can render ALL drives in the system unusable, is that true?
    I really want to use linux, so plz help me.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey sky_cowboy, you should start new threads for your questions rather than hijack an old thread. BTW, Slackware is not a good beginner distro, and the bootloader it uses, LILO, is much more difficult to configure for dual boots than the bootloader most distros use, GRUB.

    Also, Slackware 10 is what, 5 years old? You're going to run into a lot of problems.

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    Sorry about not being here to keep talking, I was away on some buisness. Anyways, I got Ubuntu installed on my old pc in the basement! Thanks Peeps!

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    Awesome! Good job on sticking to it!
    Glad you got it sorted!

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