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    [SOLVED] Partitioning the disc before installing slackware

    Right now I have a windows xp on my computer.
    I have only C: drive.

    I want to first format to c:, and then make a partition, and then install windows xp, and then install slackware 12.2.

    How can I format, and then make partitions of my 80gb disc space?

    I hope you can help me.

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    Welcome to the forum. Is it the first time you use Linux? Because Slackware is considered a hardcore (but great) distribution. Maybe you want to try something more user friendly (like Ubuntu, Fedora or Mandriva) to begin with and when you get comfortable with Linux, you give Slackware a go.

    First of all defrag your hard drive. This is absolutely neccessary, because you will have to reduce the size of the windows ntfs partition. Unless you want to re-install windows.
    I will assume that you'll give windows and Linux 40GB each. Adjust the values below according to your needs.
    You need to have 4 partitions:
    1. Ntfs for windows
    2. 1GB swap partition
    3. 10GB ext3, mount point /. This is were Linux and all its programs are installed.
    4. 30 GB ext3, mount point /home. This is were your files are stored. It is like Documents & Settings or My Documents.

    You can reduce the size of the ntfs partition if you want to make room for Linux. Or you can delete it and make everything from the beginning, if you had planned a format for windows anyway. In this case install Windows first and then Linux, in order to have a functioning boot-loader.

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    Hello L4Linux,
    I used fdisk ( like in old days) to partition it.
    thanks a lot for your answer.
    I used mandrake and suse like 7 years ago.
    Now it is time to meet with linux again. I do not really need user friendly systems. Once I have time, I will start.
    Problem is, my hard drive was only 58gb. I thought it was 80...
    now the plans are changed.

    thanks a lot for your answer.
    best wisher from germany

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