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    cfdisk how do I do this? (quick answer appreciated)

    Ok I'm in the progress of installing Slackware, my problem is I have hda1(bios) and hda2 (boot), I need to reformat hda2 and install slackware on it, with cfdisk I have theses options:
    [Bootable] [Delete] [Help] [Maximize] [Print] [Quit] [Type] [Units] [Write]

    Now I have no clue what to do, pelase help.

    Quick Answer? Well I'm in the middle of the installation o.o; and my laptop bathery might die

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    CFDISK....... Warning dos(does) not compute!!!!

    If you cannot figure out how to use cfdisk you may not want to attempt to continue installing linux. I hope you don't take this the wrong way.

    Please understand, I would consider my self very computer literate, however some of these folks around here have 100,000 times more computer literacy then I do. So, again, if you cannot figure out how to use cfdisk, I would recommend you get a program that sets up your disk for you like Partition Magic 8 so that you can install your linux.
    I would also remind you that if you are having problems at this point, setting up linux is much more complex then CFDISK..... Please be warned about the percentage of success. Please don't get upset, just take the advice of PM8 this will make it easy to install. setting up is the fun and learning part. Good luck nonetheless...........

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    I would like to amend what Prickle said. I agree that a Slackware install with command-line partitioning isn't the best choice for a newbie to Linux, but there are free alternatives to using Partition Magic (though it's a fine program don't get me wrong).

    I would recommend not starting your Linux journey with Slackware. It's not a newbie-friendly distribution IMHO. A better starting point would probably be Fedora Core 2, Mandrake or SuSE. Mepis and Knoppix are good LiveCD distros as well (meaning run from CD without having to partition your drive at all). All of the above offer some sort of automated disc partitioning in their installers that will make it a bit easier on you to begin.

    Not to brush off your question, cfdisk information can be found on sites like this one:
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