im having problems using the kernel sources from the 2.6.7 release to compile alcatel speedtouch 330 adsl modem and also hauppauge nova t usb dvb adaptor. both attempts fail with the same error message saying that make cannot find the make.rules file that should reside in the top level of the kernel sources. my problem, its not there, i compiled my own kernel from source and am not sure whether there is something i am missing. I have a copy from the 2.4.x sources but that doesn't work with 2.6.7 ''no suprise there then any help would be much appretiated
another problem is i cant write to, or change permissions to ntfs partitions under root, i have support configured into the kernel and also the fstab seems to be set correctly with rw permissions and automounting on boot, ive looked through the kernel documentation and there is no reference to this problem.

thank you for any help you can supply, i will be very grateful

ps. im running a slackware 10 distro w/ 2.6.7 kernel compiled from source