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    backtrack 3 help!! sorry very new to this

    Please exscuse me if i sound like an idiot but i am very new to this linuz stuff...

    my problem is.. i want to run backtrack 3 i have downloaded the cd mirror for it but this is as far as i have got.. i have burnt it too cd and tried to boot up from it and all i get is invalid perameters.. i dont know if i exctracting it right when i download it? or all this talk about isos i dont know what to do with iso files either ,or what they are once it is downloaded it unzips as two files boot and bt3.. i dont know what to burn to create a bootable disk..

    please make ur answers to this question as stupid proof as possible..

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post..

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    When you download an iso file, you should not do any extracting of the file. What you need to do is use a cd burning program to burn the iso to a cd. Usually you will see an option like "burn cd image to disc" or something similar in your cd burning program. Thats the option you need to choose and then point the program to your iso.

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    iso buster

    right i have isobuster and t has found the file how do i go about creating a bootable disk from this?

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    Download and use the free software I am gonna provide in the link below. Use Burn iso image from menu and insert your backtrack iso as the image to be burned.

    The Official ImgBurn Website

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    stilll probs

    Thank you very much for the software.. still having problems with the iso image wen i exctract the image using isobuster the file gets bigger and i cannot put it on cd... it is the cd version i have downloaded though but i have also got the usb version.. is it possible to make a usb bootable version? if so how do i go about this?

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    You don't extract it as dark child said (tried to advise you). Leave the iso alone and just use Image burn to burn it.

    If you wanna make a bootable USB google unetbootin. I can't get on the site right now to give you the link or I would post it.

    Do not use isobuster to fiddle with your downloaded iso(no need to extract, ok). Either use imageburn or unetbootin for however you want to make a bootable distro out of the iso you downloaded.

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    I had to use isobuster to open the file as it wat the only program i have to see it as an iso.. its burning to disk at the moment.. is this all i have to do. to make the disk bootable?

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    You are on Windows right? All you had to do to make a bootable cd was.

    1. Open Image Burn
    2. Select Burn Image
    3. Use the sites instructions to show you how to pick the iso (which I am assuming is on your desktop) as the file to burn.

    I wish you the best of luck chuffer. You are gonna have a lot of fun running backtrack if you are having this much trouble making a bootable cd.

    It is not a distro I would recommend for a first time Linux user that is having your kind of issues, but it is all about choice, so have fun.Happy Trails and Good luck.

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