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    hard drive crashed

    I have slackware 12 and I have had problems with getting rid of trash. it will give most or all of my space back after a reboot. this time after deleting 3gs from my sata 160g and rebooting, my computer cant start the hard drive. I am running back track 3 cd right now and I can access the hard drive

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    When you say "I was getting rid of trash" - why and how did you do that?

    When you say "my computer can't start the hard drive" - what does that mean?
    What message do you see on your terminal?

    Use the Slackware-12 CD1 as a rescue CD.

    Boot and at the prompt look where it tells you how to boot:
    In a pinch, you can boot your system from here with a command like:
    boot: hugesmp.s root=/dev/hda1 rdinit= ro
    In the example above, /dev/hda1 is the / Linux partition.
    Replace hda1 with your / (root) patition and you should get back in. You can fix
    most anything from there; given that you know what you broke.

    It would help if we know what you deleted. You should have some clues in your
    .bash_history if you issued commands. Login to a terminal as root and issue:
    "less .bash_history" and "less /var/log/syslog" and "less /var/log/messages"
    and post any output that looks to give us a clue.

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    I deleted several .avi files, they went to the trash can and I emptied it. the nvidia boot loader is not finding it as a valid boot device and gives me this first and then asks me to insert a bootable disk

    client mac addr: 00 17 15 76 ff ca guid: FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF
    dhcp ......./

    that dash I put in there is spinning and it gets to the 7th dot then will eventually times out. it normal goes through dhcp check with out hesitation

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    I made a new slackware install disk, I can start it up from the disk. none of my start commands are used so I need to know what the command is needed to activate eth0, "ifconfig eth0 up" dose not work and have gone through ever command I can think of. the command deals whit dhcp to activate eht0 and is not netconfig, I don't know where I stuck the command.

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    booting from the slackware cd most my devices don't work so I am using the back|track cd, I am not going to worry about my devices.

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    I got it to boot by disabling boot virus protection and mac lan to rom

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    If booting from the Slackware CD1 does not work, then you entered a command that
    was not correct. It is designed as a recovery disc.

    First, is the Slackware CD the same version as your installed system?

    Second, are you entering the correct command and / (root) filesystem (as above ^^^ )?

    Third, what is "the nvidia boot loader", and why are you using it rather than LiLO?

    Fourth, if you enter the proper command with the proper Slackware CD, what is the
    output in the terminal? Where does it stop booting?

    If you boot with the proper Slackware CD and command as I wrote you before, then
    it will initialize all your devices and scripts just as if you booted natively. That is
    the purpose for using the Slackware CD1 as a recovery disc, rather than a CD from
    some other distro. If you choose to use a Backpack, Fedora, Debian, or some other
    OS's CD as a boot disc, then you will need to read and find out how to chroot into
    your Slackware system to repair it.

    It's much easier just to follow the instructions I've given you and do it The Slackware
    Way (TM). I've used this OS for a number of years, and have no problem recovering
    a fubared system with these methods.

    The command to start your network interface(s) in Slackware is:
    /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 start
    which the Slackware CD1 will do for you if you use it.

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    sorry I meant to say boot agent, the nvidia boot agent is so my board can start up sata drives and I do run lilo. My board is extremely picky about drivers but after reading the start script it dose say what it supposed to. no it will start right with the cd but I did not read the script the first time. thanks for the start script for my ethernet witch will work, but after searching I remembered its dhcpcd something. it is my board that is finding errors in my drive. I use back|track cd as a secondary distro so I can get on the net . I do find that slackware is a great distro better than fedora after 2 years of using it but I keep losing my cheat sheet of commands

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    I'm not sure if your problem is fixed or not. If not, please post what is still not
    working and the output from your terminal. Hopefully it's fixed now.

    As for the cheat sheet, I keep a file called good_commands in my ~/ directory.
    That one gets backed up every night, and I rsync that file to the other boxen on
    the LAN. It has a whole lot of commands that are frequently needed. Some of
    them I remember, but most I don't. Also, it's nice to copy and paste in a term.

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