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    uglyYaboot error at Slackintosh install

    I am using a G3 iMac DV (500Hz, 160 MB RAM) as a networkless stand alone computer. Trying out Slackintosh 12.1 with the install CDs.

    Using mac-fdisk, HDD was partioned:
    /dev/hda1 Apple_partition_map
    /dev/hda2 Apple_Bootstrap
    /dev/hda3 Apple_UNIX_SVR2
    /dev/hda4 swap

    Followed the setup until yaboot installation. Here I got an error message:
    Chroot: cannot execute /bin/mkdir
    Chroot: cannot execute //uglyYaboot
    Unable to find a NewWorld bootblock

    Checked /bin/mkdir on /dev/hda3, it is there. (mounted to /mnt)
    UglyYaboot? What is that?

    So the result is not unexpected, since the bootloader cannot be set up the system won't boot. I tried yabootconfig but that does not exist.

    No ideas what to do. Google does not return anything on UglyYaboot. Any ideas?


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    Yaboot appears to be the bootloader for the PPC. When I google UglyYaboot, I get this thread (your post) as the top result.

    I really don't know about Slackintosh. But who mounted /dev/hda3 on /mnt?
    I know the regular installer can be thrown off by manually mounting things under /mnt, so if you did this manually, then try to mount /dev/hda3 under a new directory (for example /disk ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freston View Post
    When I google UglyYaboot, I get this thread (your post) as the top result. .
    Its somewhat strange, usually error messages can be found in masses.

    Quote Originally Posted by Freston View Post
    But who mounted /dev/hda3 on /mnt?
    Not sure whether it was me or already done by the installer. Since it was chrooted already, probably mounting was by the installer.

    Has nobody ever heard of uglyYaboot?


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