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Thread: noise on alsa

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    noise on alsa

    hi friends, another question
    i have slack 9 and to listen my music i run the alsaconf command, it appers to be ok because there no message of error. but when i play a song the song sound with a noise.
    someone know how to solve this?
    a linux.peruvian.friend

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    When you do alsaconf does the noise disappear if you drop or mute any of the other channels.

    Also type alsactl store after running alsaconf and it'll save the settings so you won't have to run it every time.
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    alsa noise

    i tried to mute channel by channel by the noise is still there.

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    Do you get the song with the noise, or is there no song just noise.

    Also what app & format do you use to play the sounds? XMMS, KSCD, mp3, ogg?
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    alsa noise

    the songs sound perfect on windows machine.
    the app i use normally is XMMS and all songs are mp3 format.
    i dont know how to mute the noise.
    help me please.

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    I find my songs can sound rather distorted or just generally bad if I have PCM too far up. Try putting PCM to about 20 and Master as high as you want - this made my songs sound very clear.

    the commands to use are:
    amixer set PCM 20
    amixer set Master 100
    (or change Master lower if you don't have a seperate volume control on your speakers)

    If this doesn't work my only other guess could be the sound card drivers. What soud card are you using?

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    same problem

    i have the same problem. it comes from the mp3 file. not all files have the distord sound. winamp has a better mp3 decoder and that's why you can't hear distorts on playback.

    lots of my mp3 files have no distort on xmms. just some of them

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    It depends on what kind of noise you're getting.
    If you get a loud howling that won't go away without
    rebooting, you probably have some kind of hardware
    conflict. ie.irq, port numbers, dma. Make sure your sound
    card isn't fundamentally incompatible with your system.

    Messages from dmesg may be a clue.

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