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    Slackware Iso CD's - How many?

    Hey All,

    If I were to download the Slackware ISO image, how many CD's would that be?

    Also, I feel like I heard that Slack does not do Live CD's anmore. Is this true?

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    There's 6 Slackware CD's, however, for a basic install, I'm pretty sure you only need the first one. (Of course, you wouldn't have access to all the extra software on the other CDs then, you would have to download other packages you wanted to install.)

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    For slackware I would recommend grabbing the DVD ISO and doing a full install.

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    I second the DVD suggestion.

    Otherwise, the first 3 CDs contain various packages that you might want. The last 3 CDs contain the source code so you might not need them unless you want to do lots of compiling source code.

    The last time I installed Slackware, I ended up needing the first two CDs to get everything that I wanted.

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    Get the dvd iso is recommended. You can download dvd iso using torrent client from Slackware official website - Get Slack - Torrents page.

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    If you use the cd's you'll need the first 3

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    I use the DVD download. Slax is a live CD which might help you, but it's not full featured enough for regular usage, at least in my opinion.

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