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    HELP Slackware 13 Install Issues

    et me start from the beginning, to make sure you have all the details. i'm running a machine with two HD's, one has ubuntu and the other XP. i want to get rid of ubuntu and replace it with slackware.

    i found a link for a torrent that was the slackware 13 dvd iso. i downloaded it and burnt it to a DVD. it named itself "SlackDVD" the contents of the DVD can be viewed here: (just copy into address bar) my issue is i don't think it's a bootable disc. i checked my BIOS settings and they are correct. i even stuck the XP install disc in and it booted OK.

    the problem i'm having is i try the DVD in both my top CD burner and my bottom DVD burner. in the DVD bay when my system reboots it doesn't even recoginze it's there, which is normal as my XP disc wasn't recognized in that player either. however when i put it in the CD tray when the system boots it hangs at a black screen with just a blinking cursor for 10-15 seconds. and then moves on booting the system as usual. i've tried typing or hitting enter or esc, but nothing. stranger still if i open the DVD in XP i can see there's a couple iso files that may allow me to boot from USB, however when i use Magic ISO to try and mount them so i can view their contents and copy them over the iso files don't give me the option to mount them or view them. they act as if they're not image files at all. i've even burned them back to my desktop and still no luck, nero won't even see them as iso files.

    so what's wrong? is it not a bootable DVD? the hanging at boot up seems to make me think it is, then again i'm not sure, hence why i'm here. also bear in mind i'm just trying to switch to Linux so i'm not that familiar with the command line. if there's something i need to do if you could explain how to do it from XP that would be greatly appreciated. sorry if this was a little long, i've just been working on this for 3-4 hours and about at my limit. i'm hoping some sage could shine some light on this issue thanks in advance.

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    Just to be sure, you did burn it as an image? Not as a data DVD? Could also be a bad burn. It's generally recommended to burn live cd/dvds on the slowest speed.

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    Try downloading it from the official Slackware website. Also check the image after downloading.

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    i dont think that CD burners can read DVD disks...

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