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    [SOLVED] Slackware 12.2 - Won't stay logged in

    Hi folks!

    Just decided to move on from Ubuntu to the wonderful Slackware, everything went smooth and easy with the installation but when I login to Darkstar: root, it logs in, shows me my wise mail and then asks me to log in again.

    I've read about people not knowing what Darkstar is or other similar login problems but I couldn't find anything to do with staying logged in :S

    Thanks for any help in advance!


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    Darkstar is just the default host name of the machine if you didn't otherwise set it during the install.

    I don't know what wise mail is, though.

    Please give a more detailed description of what happens after you log in. Are you saying you're unable to do anything, type anything, before you are facing the log in prompt again? This is immediate? A minute later?

    It sounds like the mose likely thing is that you're entering the wrong username/password, and it's simply repeating the login request.

    If you didn't set a root password during install, then entering root as the user and no password should get you in.

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    Sorry about the wise mail thing, just trying to be funny :S

    Well, I get the Darkstar login prompt, so I type root, enter my password and it logs in. I know it's logged in becuase if I use any other password or username, it tells me I'm wrong.

    So next it tells me I have 1 mail, and then it displays a 'quote'. It stops for about 15 seconds with no prompt. Then it prompts me to login in again. Have got a clue what to do or even why it's happening.

    Just doing a fresh install now to see if that changes anything.

    Thanks again!

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    No need to worry my friends, the fresh install solved all!

    Didn't set a password this time and now when I login, it stays that way.

    Wierd that it happened in the first place eh?

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