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    don't mean to take over this thread just a little tangent then hopefully back to Operators question-
    kdesu command
    I assuming that this starts a gui app as root. If my assumption is true that doesn't seem to safe also
    when I try it it tells me can't connect to x-server.

    Sorry Operator for the side step.

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    Actually if you use su or kdesu carefully it is not a safety problem. You know, Slackware is a strict distro. and why this is so.

    But i dont understand that why kdesu didnt work for you. It should.
    Just a Newbie....Looking 4 Info....

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    Quote Originally Posted by operator
    it's really driving me crazy - I tried to uninstall the 'gyach' package and reinstall it again as though it was first install .... nothing - now to chat on linux user' room on yahoo (by gyach) i have to 'su' and log in as 'root' and that bothers me cos i really dont know how dangerous that can be - to make things worse I can't just type 'gyach' as I used to, it just won't work - I have to go to the gyach directory with root privilege and then, maybe and hopefully, get on line
    Just a thought here, but why not use gaim? It is installed with Gnome if you installed it and it will do Yahoo IM. I do have one question, where did you install gyach? If you installed it on your ntfs/fat32 drive, then that would explain why you must be root to do so.

    I would also recommend reading the man pages for mount and reading up on unix/linux file permissions.

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