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    Why can't I log in as a non-root user?

    Hello everyone, thanks for checking out this thread. Here's my problem:

    When my computer boots, it loads KDM, and when I type in a name/pass for a normal user, the screen blanks and then starts X again and returns to KDM. (I think X is restarted, it goes back to the crappy grey houndstooth X server startup screen). In other words, it fails. This also fails in normal, console mode. Why? Should I post any files? Please help!

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    its possible that your permissonions got borked for the user that you attempted to make, have you tried to make another user?

    useradd qub333

    passwd qub333

    hop on over to the /etc/groups file as root and add this new user too

    wheel, audio, cdrom, games,

    or any other groups you feel nessicary, the synax for a groups file isnt to hard, should you have any questions feel free to post back.
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    I already tried making another user...that didn't work. Any other ideas?

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    has this happened for a fresh install, or while you were using the sysytem suddenly you got this error?
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    Make sure the user is in the group users as well. Also did you create a home directory for the user? Just specifying it in your useradd line isn't quite enough.
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    It will create a home directory if you use adduser instead of useradd.


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