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    I need help kernel rolling for the ppc slackintosh

    I've been googling around and not having much luck. I can't find a good step by step tut on kernel rolling for the PPC slack style. I want to compile a newer latest kernel for my slackintosh ibook g3. Currently at 2.6.24? and I need at least 2.6.28. This will be my first kernel roll, and I'm prepared to re-install the OS (again and again) if need be to get this to work.

    I'd also like to retain the ability to boot into the old kernel, if possible.


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    Well, I'm no more than a beginner as kernel compilation myself, but for what it's worth, it shouldn't be any more difficult on a powerpc than x86. By default, Linux builds for the same architecture as the host machine is running.

    By the way, as of kernel 2.6.32, there is a new handy option
    make localmodconfig
    which uses lsmod to detect currently running modules and adjust the config file accordingly. Good for quickly stripping out unused modules.
    Linux 2 6 32 - Linux Kernel Newbies

    Otherwise, any of the many guides on the net should get you going.

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    you must be sure your os is able to support new kernels features. If it's quite old i suggest to you to contact slackintosh developers (on thei own ml) to ask support.
    Anyway on slack you can compile by yourself a vanilla kernel without great troubles.
    You can find more info reading some docs, e.g. crux-ppc handbook or gentoo-ppc handbook.

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    Success, sort of. I was able to to reboot into my new kernel. uname -r showed (and there was much rejoicing) I did something wrong, because my falsh drive didn't mount. It didn't recognize the vfat system. The original kernel did, this is how I transported the generic kernel to the hard drive.

    I think I did something like the following (I need to take better notes), But this is what I'm doing this time.

    install slackintosh from the CD (I have an additional yet unrelated reson for re-installing the OS)
    mount falshdrive and change dir to it

    cp linux- /usr/src
    tar -xvjf /usr/src/linux-
    cp /boot/config-generic- /usr/src/.config
    cd /usr/src/linux-
    make menuconfig
    {make selections}
    	be certain new wifi is selected
    	be certain vfat is selected
    	do not select ext4
    make all
    make install
    shutdown now -r
    And then I'll report back the results

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    new kernel boots (yeah)

    But, still no vfat. So no usb flash mount. (boo)

    #modeprobe airport I get
    FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such file or directory.
    (Boo Hiss)

    I think I'm missing something. I need some pointers here. I'm prepared to re-roll the kernel, again. At least this time I shouldn't have to re-install the OS.

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    Hoody hoo I did it!!

    I rerolled, verifying certain sections, like USB Mass Storage, and after the make all I did the make modules_config. Rebooted and voila. I then loaded the new wifi driver (the original need for the new kernel) and then connected to a WPA network!! I'm very excited and I took some decent notes. I plan to organize them and then put it on my blog site. I will link this thread to it.

    Now my next question, how do I backup or package this kernel so that I can distribute it to other iBooks? I need a quick reply before I screw something up.

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    I can't post URLs yet. So ant2ne dot com has my notes and working tutorial. I'm still interested in a distributable kernel.

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