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    Hello everyone I know when you install from source your suppose to run ./configure then make then make install. My problem is some software requires things to be done during the configure and make process before it can be installed but it doesnt say what it is in the readme and install files so can someone show me where i can get a list of commands or options that work with the ./configure and make commands so I can figure out what I need to do for myself thank you for listening.

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    usually ./configure --help dumps the configure options to the screen: there tend to be lots of them so "./configure --help | less" allows you to scroll through them. be careful of "make install": either ./configure with --prefix=/usr/local (so that you're not messing up your official slackware stuff in /usr) and/or check for "uninstall" in or whatever (i.e. make sure you can "make uninstall" to reverse things).

    where possible, ./configure with --prefix=/home/yourname/whatever so that you can run "make install" as a normal user: often this allows you to install and test the software without making any serious (system-wide) changes. it's easy enough to rm -r /home/yourname/whatever...not so easy to trawl through /usr looking for stuff to delete or, worse, reinstall if it's been overwritten.

    best of all though is to learn how to build slackware packages. is an excellent repository of "slackbuild scripts", which basically take a source package (you may find that a slackbuild script already exists for the source package you're wanting to build) and does all the configuring necessary to make it play nice with slackware, and then bundles it all up in a slackware package that you can install or uninstall normally via pkgtool. even if you don't find a slackbuild script for the source tarball you want to build, they're simple bash scripts and you should find it fairly easy to modify one so that it makes a package out of what you're building. often all you need to do is unpack the source, read the docs and run ./configure --help, and then plug the configure options, version numbers and so on into a generic slackbuild script. putting a bit of time into learning and implementing this tidy way of working with source packages is well worth it in the end: you wind up with a nice collection of custom packages you can install or remove at will, instead of a messy system with tons of stuff under /usr/local or, worse, scattered all through your official slackware directories.

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    Ya I understand what your saying about slackbuilds I find alot of software there only prog ive had problems with from there is blender when i start it my screen goes black and stays that way until I use alt tab to switch programs then it shows up normal when i switch to another application but goes back to the black screen when i switch back not sure how id fix that lol anyways im running slackware 13.0

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