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    live cd - hdd installation. help ^^

    [b] i could do with some solid help from anyone.... any help is much appreciated!

    ill start with a quote:

    If you don't want to install full unpacked SLAX, but you wish just to copy SLAX to your disk and start it as a LiveCD from there, just copy all files from the CD to some existing partition (filesystem doesn't matter here) and make it boot somehow, for example by using syslinux, lilo, loadlin (from DOS) or by using SLAX CD. The easiest way is to boot by using SLAX CD, copy all files and directories from the CD to C:\SLAX and boot from the CD with the following parameter:
    this qoute was taken from http://<a href="http://slax.linux-li...#inst2disk</a> and made by Tomas Matejicek. ^^

    i recently downloaded slax live-cd from the slax website. which can be found at and would like to install it to my hard-drive

    i am currently using windows XP home, and would like to do it from here.

    i recently created a partition 2GB's big (drive f, to house slax, it is a fat32 filesystem as i only want to run the live-cd from my hdd.

    the problem is slax doesnt provide a boot floppy or anything for that matter and i need help to boot it...

    i would like to boot into the drive and run it as a live-cd as i do not have a cd-writer. he mentions using lilo, syslinux, loadlin. and i do not know how to use any of them, if anyone could help me, and show me how to use a program to boot into the os.. id appreciate it

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    have a formatted drive ready and at boot there is a command to install, not the hard drive copy, its either "slax -install" or "slax install"...that should work quite well...if you have any problems there is somewhere on the site that gives the exact command. Then su in a terminal once you boot up to liloconfig

    Good luck, tell us if you have any problems

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