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    slackware-current (10.0?) install with 2.4 kernel

    I've just finished burning the iso's for the slackware install disks. Fire up my laptop and get it installed. To my dismay when I log in I get the message that I'm still running a 2.4 kernel. Is this because 2.4 is the latest stable release? And if so am I going to need to compile a new 2.6 kernel?

    BTW - I thought the current version of slackware was 10.1

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    If you want to have a 2.6 kernel, you'll have to compile it yourself. You can install the sources via pkg-tool and then just compile/install the kernel as normal.
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    if you go into /testing on one of the slackware install cd's it should have a 2.6 kernel for you ready to install.

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    If I go to /testing on the cd do they have a bare.i 2.6 kernel and if so will it have all the same options as the 2.4 bare.i and so that will mean If i change to the 2.6 nothing on my computer will change like nic or sound.

    I recompiled once and lost my sound then I recompiled again got sound and lost my nic so I reinstalled and just left it 2.4 everything works but I heard the 2.6 is faster and for that alone I would like to try it again.

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    Thanks for the responses guys. I found the /testing folder and followed the instructions on there to get the latest kernel running. Thanks for the information!

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