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    Slackware on an old Laptop help

    Hey all; I've been using Linux for about a year on and off, mostly on my server. I've had this old Panasonic Toughbook CF-25 that i'm trying to pu slackware onto. (in all honestly I'ld take just about any distro but my friend told me to try slackware and see if i liked it.) heres the problem: The bios is so old that it won't boot to a CD. I have both a CD and floppy drive only one can be in the computer at once and no hot swap. Thus my dilema.

    Things I've tried:
    1) Win98se Boot disk to get the cdrom drivers copy drivers to C:\ boot to C:\ with restore disk image and thus obtain CD drivers. Run setup from CD.
    Problem: The image on C:\ isn't right it failes to create the RAM drive and thus failes to load the CD drivers.

    2) Network install of linux. I saw this was an option ran a boot disk, then a root disk 1&2, then my PCMIA card hoped over my small LAN to a windows machine? thus my problem.
    Question: can i network install from a CD located in a windows OS CD rom drive?
    2.a) I tried booting from the Slackware CD on my Windows comp. and then tried a network install, no dice.

    3) I tried flashing my bios... I DL'ed the file off of Panasonics support site I was iffy about this (they gave a lot of different models and mine matched none of them) I extracted to a floppy.
    What happend: Nothing. I boot to flash and all i get is blinking curser and my Floppy light comes on and then it sits there like that for about an hour. That was about when gave up on that. There are no instructions on how to flash the bios so i did it like i normally would extract file to floppy and and then boot from floppy (has a file)

    At this point i've tried each of these about 5 or 6 times (working in mall is really boring) I'm looking for help. Is option 1 or 2 or 3 more probable for success? is it possible that once i've created the RAMDRIVE in linux with floppies can i just copy that to a mounted HDD and then boot from that to my CD and install that way? or am i better installig from a Windows section to get my CD drivers. I'm kinda giving up on updateing my bios but if anyone has any vioce on that lemme know

    I appreciate any help given.

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    This is kind of convoluted, and probably is more trouble than its worth. But if you have 98 still installed, you could dl from a p2p partition magic, and create linux partitions swap and / , on the fly. After that you could dl the image tree and put the files where they need to go on the / drive, in all the right folders, then you could use a linux boot disk to install and configure lilo or grub, whichever you prefer. If you are looking at slack, my favorite distro at least, you could also check out vector linux, which is based off of slack but is streamlined to provide better functionability and speed on older systems...

    Good luck, hopefully someone will post an easier way thats all I can think of though for a nonbootable cdrom

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    If i ad 98 still installed the CD would work and then I would just install from CD Good idea though no dice.

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    The way to boot from floppy

    Seeing as you seem to have windows running somewhere the easiest way is to create a bootdisk and rootdisk from the images on the slackware CD.

    1) Insert Slackware CD into CD/DVD drive on windows box
    2) Put floppy disk in floppy drive
    3) Open CD in explorer and move to x:/bootdisks
    4) Read README.TXT
    5) Open dos prompt and run x:/bootdisks/rawrite13.exe <image file>
    6) Pop floppy out, Put new floppy in
    7) Move to x:/rootdisks
    8) Read README.TXT
    9) In dos box run x:/rootdisks/rawrite13.exe <image file>
    10) Move to Laptop
    11) Boot with bootdisk in floppy
    12) Insert rootdisk when asked for it
    13) Begin install (make sure to insert CD at some point)
    14) Install
    15) Reboot and enjoy Slackware Linux (assuming there is no wierd hardware in the laptop)

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    Won't work can't use both CD rom and Floppy drive on the same boot in my laptop I found the awnser though Smart boot loader from sourceforge. It's stickied in the instal section of these forums. Nice little program works decently well. Have to dos partition, instal program and it will boot from CD install ditro of your choosing.

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    This may not help but you can get a FDD cable that in theroy allow you to have both the CD and floppy drive on at once. I haven't gotten mine to work yet so Other that tell you about the possibility I can't help you much.[/b][/i]

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